Bob Lenz shares the love of Jesus which gives teens hope for this life and the next. Whether he is partnering with local churches or touring with national recording artists, he is committed to sharing a respectful and relevant message to the next generation.

Our <18> Campaign is dedicated to changing lives under <18 years of age, to set a path for life over >18. Two out of three people who begin a relationship with Jesus do so before they turn 18. It is our desire to reach teens with a message many of them are not exposed to. Surveys tell us that only 18% of teens attend church with their families.

Bob Lenz and the team at Life Promotions have developed an effective combination of school assembly programs and community outreaches. Schedule Bob to speak in your local schools on the Dignity Revolution which focuses on essential truths about value, courage and respect. Coordinate an evening program sponsored by local churches where students hear an interactive and compelling message on the love of God and are given an opportunity to respond to the Gospel.

Any and all public school assembly programs focus on AODA, bullying and suicide prevention and adhere diligently to the laws of separation of church and state. There is no faith-based or religious content. After many years of providing thousands of public school assembly programs we have not once had a school administrator express concern or complaint about the laws of separation of church and state after hearing the content of our programs.

Any faith-based programs are coordinated separately from public school events. Attendance for any faith-based event is voluntary and open to the public, and is not sponsored by public school districts.

I Promise To…

  • Be in front of public schools addressing issues facing America’s youth.
  • Respectfully invite youth to a community outreach.
  • Clearly present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Provide follow-up by working with the local church.
  • Call God’s people to follow Jesus and to reach out to others.

Contact us for more information on booking Bob Lenz to speak to your community.  |  920.738.5588