Quake events are Christian weekend retreats held at convention hotels across the nation. We have 20 events planned between January and April. We book the speaker and musician, write the program pieces, and plan the weekend so all the youth group leader has to do is bring students and participate! It’s a ready-made event for groups of all sizes.

By partnering with youth leaders in local churches, we help teens become established in their faith, empowered for Christian living and enabled to live a life of ministry and leadership.

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Quake Provides Youth the Opportunity to:

Praise and worship God
Experience a caring community
Develop healthy relationships with other youth
Grow deeper faith through focused workshops
Discuss issues of interest
Package life-saving meals
Learn about global hunger

I’m not the same person because of Quake. I have been changed by the inspiring stories I heard through the speakers, musicians and the other teens I met this weekend!


Quake originated as a ministry of an organization called Youth Encounter. After 51 years, Youth Encounter closed its doors in 2016. Life Promotions, with the assistance and approval of Youth Encounter’s Board of Directors, acquired the national youth retreats known as Quakes and Zones.

In 2017, we rebranded the events as “Quake” and planned 20 national events for youth in grades 6-12. In an effort to maintain the integrity and continuity of the Youth Encounter events, itineraries and artists remained consistent with the Youth Encounter history.

Quake Events Map