Abusive Home Life

Home is supposed to be a safe place, but for many children and teens, it isn’t.  Maybe this is true for you or someone you know. Whether it is physical, emotional, or verbal abuse; it is not okay. If someone in your home is hurting you or someone else, you need to report it.

You may think that your situation looks hopeless or impossible. I want you to know that you are not alone in your pain and struggles. Victims often feel they are somehow responsible for being abused, but this is never true. You were not created for this kind of pain. It is not what God intended to happen.

If you or someone you know is currently being abused or in a home where abuse is witnessed, it is important to tell someone you trust. Sometimes abusers scare or threaten their victims so they won’t tell, but that is part of the abuse. You should tell a teacher, counselor, pastor, youth group leader, or other adult you can trust. Do you have a relative you trust that you could talk with about the abuse? Do you have a safe place to go in case you need to leave a dangerous situation quickly? If the first person you tell doesn’t believe you, keep telling until someone does believe you and is willing to help you. Maybe you told your abuser you would keep this secret, but that won’t stop the abuse. Have the courage to seek help.

Abuse is never justifiable! Many abusers make promises to never do it again and will apologize. However, a majority of the time, the abuse will happen again. And then again. Maybe this is the pattern you are experiencing.  You are not meant to be abused, but to be cared for. You are valuable. Don’t believe lies that you are worthless, stupid, or unlovable. We have been given value by our Creator! Other people may tell us we are worthless or abuse us, but that doesn’t change our value. Again, I encourage you to be brave and seek help.

Check out this website that can offer you additional help: www.childhelpusa.org.  They have phone numbers for abuse hotlines and other helpful information.