Just Be You!

God our Creator is clearly masterful in all His design. I am in awe of all His works…from the mountains…to the oceans…to the sunsets. Creation shows the wonder of His amazing power through the colors and shapes all around us.

Did you ever look at something He created and wonder what God was up too? How about this one: PLATYPUS. Really God? I imagine Him thinking, “Hmmm, another fish, a duck, a beaver??? No wait…I’ll put them all together!”

Hold that thought for a moment while I tell a few stories.

Our oldest daughter is gifted, intelligent, beautiful, and a compassionate leader. In high school, she was prom queen and graduated at the top of her class. But at college in Minnesota, her world changed. Far from feeling like she was outstanding, she felt like she was “just average.” I remember reminding her often, “Just be you!” I wanted her to be the person God created her to be…beautiful inside and out.

Last year, we created a t-shirt with a PLAID-YPUS with the saying “Just be You.” It’s a reminder to everyone. We all possess dignity and worth. And we want people to display the creative works of God. The world has told girls that they must have the right curves in the right places and the right shapes in the right sizes. The world dictates what is beautiful and what is not. I want to fight against a culture that reduces girls to their outward appearance. They have been made in the image of God and deserve respect, honor and dignity.

Stay with me…

In September, we were part of a five-day tour with Audio Adrenaline and Tori Harris. We went to Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. During the first night of the tour, I picked a young girl and gave her a platypus shirt during the event. She came (with her dad) to talk to me after the program because she wanted to tell me her story.

A week before, the girl’s pet gerbil died. She was very sad and her dad comforted her with the promise of buying her a new pet. The girl said, “Daddy, I want a platypus.” Of course, the dad laughed, but she persisted. He told her it is Illegal to own a platypus. Even this information didn’t deter her, “I really want one!”

Out of all the people in the audience that night, I chose to give the platypus shirt to her. When I handed her the shirt, she looked at her dad and said, “See Daddy, God heard me and He got me a platypus.”

Coincidence? You decide. It hardly matters. One thing I know for sure, God cares about our youth. God cares about their pets. He cares about the birds of the field. He cares down to every last hair on their head. He not only cares, but he declares that they have dignity, worth and value.

Life is sacred. It’s a gift. Let’s continue to stand up for the value of every person. Bring in the Dignity Revolution to your school. Take the pledge. Buy the shirt. Adopt a school. Let’s continue to make a difference in this world.